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After this week marathon team selection, we now have the full/final list of the sprint/marathon teams who will represent us in the International events in 2021.

We have 9 Athletes selected to the 2021 International teams across the disciplines and age groups to the major International events
2 Senior, 2 U23, 5 Junior- 6 Kayak, 3 Canoe -3 Female, 6 Male

From Richmond Canoe Club, we have 8 Athletes in sprint teams and 5 Athletes in the marathon team, 4 Athletes in both teams.

We earned 14 Selections across the disciplines and age group to various International events

Senior Sprint Worlds
Lizzie- K-1 1000 m, K-1 5000 m
Noushie- K-4 500 m

Marathon Worlds
Lizzie- K-1 Senior, K-1 Senior short course
Noushie-K-1 U23, K-2 Senior
Jane-K-2 Senior
Arthur- C-1 U23, C-1 Short course
Owen- C-1 Junior

U23 Sprint Worlds
Noushie-K-4 500 m
Arthur- C-1 1000 m

Olympic Hopes
Micheal (U17)- K-1 1000 m, K-1 500 m, K-2 1000 m
Dylan (U16)-K-1 500 m, K-2 500 m, K-2 200 m, K-4 500 m
Danny (U15) K-1 1000 m, K-1 500 m
Owen (U15) C-1 1000 m, C-1 500 m, C-2 500 m
Areg (U15) C-1 200 m, C-1 500 m, C-2 500 m