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Race Reports

Hastings Race Report

Hastings race all very routine. Standard expectations fulfilled:

1) going the wrong way (Deborah, intent on extra distance, notwithstanding electing to go in Div 6 rather than in Div 7, decided to go back up towards the bridge turn on the final lap)

2) capsize (Till at return portage, Lila going downstream of portage).


On upside

Promotions: Sam Lee-Gill to Div 6; Max (junior) to Div 7; Craig and Lucas (junior) to Div 8.

Reformation of K2 partnerships: Tom/Stefan and John/Annette (Div 4); Max/Marlene and Neil/Anthony (Div 5)

Melody (7th) and Joe (8th) beat Jeff (9th) in Div 6.

Nine paddlers in Div 9 K1.


On the tactical front Will observed that we may have gained more race points if we had fielded more K2s (where the race entries are smaller so points gained even for coming even last, say, are larger).  

That, coupled with the fact that we were short (ie zero) in Divs 1-3, meant that in a close finish we were third Club. Royal CC, seeking to avenge their non appearance at Wey, were out in (very largely female) numbers and were 1st.

Only three of Wey, Royal, Elmbridge, Richmond, can qualify for the Hasler final.